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Shorten2Ping 1.2 bug and fix

If you was one of the new Shorten2Ping users that installed 1.2 version for first time (this bug has no effect on upgrades, only new users), maybe you removed it after having problems saving the plugin configuration.

And maybe you tried again when I released the 1.2.1 version… but you had the same problem :(

That was because 1.2 creates a blank Shorten2Ping options in your WordPress database, and it needs to be deleted. So if you have Shorten2Ping 1.2.1 installed and cant save options, you can fix it manually, simply doing this:

  1. Deactivate Shorten2Ping from the plugins menu.
  2. Use PhpMyadmin to go to your wp_options table.
  3. Remove shorten2ping_options.
  4. Activate the plugin again.

But even better!!, you can install (or upgrade) Shorten2Ping 1.2.2 and this new plugin version will do the job for you.

Sorry about the mess ;)

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