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This is my personal blog, if you want to know more about me, keep reading…

Short version

Surfing the net since 1996. Troubleshooting WordPress since 2005. Managing my own LAMP/LEMP servers using bash since 2010. Doing support for Gravity Forms users since 2014.

Do you want to know more?

When I was just a kid I started playing with computers, an Amstrad CPC 464 (8 bits) was my first computer, well to be completely honest it was not mine but of my brother. And grew up along with the computer history, after the Amstrad I had many different Amiga computers (A500, A500+, A1200), and finally after a sad end for the Amiga computers due to Commodore financial problems, and years of agony using a great machine but with less support each day… I arrived into the PC and Microsoft Windows world that hated for years, but well, it’s not that bad these days and in fact I’m now pretty happy using Windows for desktop.

Before the internet I enjoyed connecting to local BBS’s with my 2400 bauds Supra modem, in those days being able to chat with someone or just upload/download files were like magic! After some years internet arrived and I started to use it sharing an ISP account with a friend (in those days you had to pay simply to have the right to access, not only the line also for an user to access to the net!). I had a few personal sites done with just HTML tags (CSS didn’t exists at that time!), image backgrounds and lot of GIFs :D just like any other webmaster in those days (the days of Geocities!).

My love for WordPress started on 2005 creating a personal blog, and I liked it so much that started to dig into it more and more and started to use it also for some business sites and created my own plugins, my first one released on 2009 (no longer in active development, but I have a bunch of active WordPress plugins in the repo if you want to check them). After a few years WordPress became my full time job as a self-employed doing custom development for third-parties and specially doing maintenance services (being able to install, configure and maintain a LAMP server from scratch to fit WordPress needs it’s a powerful ability to provide a stable uptime for a site). After so many years intimating with WordPress, troubleshooting and fixing issues have become a piece of cake for me ;)

Since 2014 I’m working in Rocketgenius Inc. doing support for Gravity Forms along with a great team of people that really care about customer satisfaction like I do.