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Shorten2Ping 1.2.4 released…

Version 1.2.4 of  Shorten2Ping is available for download.

The following changes are made to Shorten2Ping 1.2.4:

  • Changed checking user level (number based) to checking capabilities for the options page.
  • Added YOURLS shortener support.
  • Added shortener support. (User requested feature).
  • Added ‘linktext’ parameter to short_permalink() theme tag. Now you can choose between using short link as text for the link or use the “Short URL” text (default behaviour). (User requested feature).
  • Added ‘Self domain’ option for shortened permalinks. If you domain is short enough for you, this will not use any shortener service, but instead will use the post ID (default WP permalinks).
  • Added settings link on plugins page.
  • Fixed bug in support (thanks to Brad for reporting it!).

You can install it from your WordPress dashboard or download Shorten2Ping from WordPress extend directory and install it manually.

If you want to know more about Shorten2Ping or need support, visit the Shorten2Ping official homepage.

By the way… if you like my plugin, please, give me a Google Wave invite!! :) (send to, rate it at WordPress extend directory or make a donation. Any of these things will make me happy and give some motivation to improve the plugin ;)

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