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Nokia N80, worst mobile phone ever

I can’t believe! :(

I was a N70 happy user for long time… but one day, I thought… “maybe if I buy a Nokia N80 I’ll be even more happy, because then I’ll connect using WIFI at any place, and I’ll got a better camera in my phone“.

That was my mistake, to believe that if I spend 365 € in a new and (supposedly) better Nokia phone I’ll be more happy with it.

The reasons are very simple:

  1. N80’s wifi is a crap that can’t connect to open networks too many times. No way to check any setting (because there isn’t any special to check), simply says “can’t connect” message when the wifi network is working for other people right next to me.
  2. Video quality of the N80’s camera is a piece of bullshit!. In picture mode you got a bit better results, but video mode is a nightmare.
  3. Too many times it takes loooooong time to respond to any option in camera mode, can’t save any camera settings (so you need to modify them over and over again), and sometimes it hangs when choose “Go to gallery” option from camera menu.

If you take some video with a N70 and just after take the same with the N80, you’ll end with a superb quality N70 video and a very poor quality and over pixelized bullshit from your new and expensive N80.

So, if someone from Nokia marketing department read this… please, return my money, I promise you to buy another Nokia phone. Or even better!, send me a new phone, a good one!!!.

Just want to get back to the past where I used to be a happy Nokia user :(

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  1. Marius Marius

    I’m a little bit lost, Samuel, ¿why do you need WIFI on your cellphone in the first place?anyway…don’t put your hopes in Nokia to refund…Good luck in finding a buyer on ebay, though :)

  2. Samuel Aguilera Samuel Aguilera

    Why WIFI?, well, is nice to check your incoming mail from anywhere at no cost. Or reading some RSS feeds when you have a date a she’s late…

    Anyway… You’re right, my only exit is eBay or just cry :(

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