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Gmail vulnerability causes domain theft

Gmail hackedIt seems that a Gmail vulnerability (or javascript malicious code at least) has caused the domain to be stolen by someone.

Authentic owner of the domain, Pere Tufet, recently reported it in his blog (spanish language).

The story began when Pere Tufet (the legitimate owner of the domain), was browsing the web and in some point he gets infected by malicious code while having the Gmail account opened. That code creates a filter in his Gmail account that the “hacker” uses to silently take control over the domain registration and then transfered from GoDaddy (the registrar used by the Pere) to Register (another well known domains registration site) and changed all domain fields in the whois to put the “hacker” information, giving total control over the domain.

Obviously, this all takes Pere into an ugly nightmare because not only loosing the ownership of a domain that belongs to Pere since years, but loosing every second a lot of visitors to his site, a very good resource to watch videos, pics, jokes, and other humor related stuff.

But not all are bad news in this story… fortunately, Pere’s reaction was fast and at this moment he managed to block the “hacker” account on Register and changed the DNS to get the domain pointing to the correct server.

If you speak spanish, follow the whole story about being stolen in Pere’s blog (he’s updating the post when he gets any progress).

And, please, if you can help him in any way, don’t hesitate to contact Pere.

Good look Pere! ;)

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