Shorten2Ping 1.1.2 released

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Version 1.1.2 of  Shorten2Ping is available for download.

The following changes are made to this version:

  • Removed adding and checking of post meta data ‘pinged = yes’. That was not needed since changes on 1.1.1.
  • Added ‘both’ option by user request to make possible to send notifications to both services ( and Twitter) at once.
  • Fixed typo that may cause users with no admin level to access to the options page. (Thanks to David Jack Wange Olrik for reporting the issue.)

You can install it from your WordPress dashboard or download Shorten2Ping from WordPress extend directory and install it manually.

If you want to know more about Shorten2Ping or need support, visit the Shorten2Ping official homepage.

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