ERROR for site owner: Stoken disabled in reCAPTCHA field for Gravity Forms

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reCAPTCHA Stoken Expired error

reCAPTCHA Stoken Expired error

Since Gravity Forms 2.0 the new “no captcha” reCAPTCHA  API is included in Gravity Forms. This was a highly requested feature and works pretty fine for most users, but sometimes specially if you’re using old reCAPTCHA keys or the reCAPTCHA authentication in Gravity Forms settings was done using previous API version you can get one of the following pretty cryptic message in your reCAPTCHA field:

ERROR for site owner: Stoken disabled or Error for site owner: Stoken expired

To fix any of the above stoken issues with reCAPTCHA in Gravity Forms follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Forms -> Settings and then to reCAPTCHA Settings section.
  2. Copy your Site Key and Secret Key to a safe place (e.g. a text editor).
  3. Now delete the keys from the settings page and click the Save Settings button.
  4. Now copy and paste each key to its place in the settings page.
  5. After doing this (and before being able to click the Save Settings button) you should see a reCAPTCHA field below the keys to prove that you’re not a robot. Do whatever reCAPTCHA asks you to pass the test.
  6. Now click the Save Settings button.

Once you’re done empty your browser cache (also flush cache for any plugin or CDN that you may be using) and try again your form, the issue should be solved.

If you’re still experiencing the issue after doing all the above, try going to your reCAPTCHA account, delete current keys for your site and generate new ones. Then repeat the process with the new keys.

The above method applies only to built-in reCAPTCHA support, if you have installed any third-party Gravity Forms add-on for adding reCAPTCHA to the form you should disable it now, you don’t need it anymore.

A few users also reported using an outdated PHP version can cause this issue too, make sure your site is running at least PHP 5.6 as indicated in the Gravity Forms system requirements.

If none of the above is helping you to fix the stoken disabled/expired issue or the reCAPTCHA field is just blank (no content, only the label) chances are that you have some other third-party software in your site setup creating a conflict. So if you’re at this point it’s time for a theme/plugin conflict test!

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  1. Ashish

    Thanks mate! Posts like these are so helpful and resolve things right away. Rather than digging through google search. I miss writing posts of my findings on my blog.

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