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Embedding a TED Talk in your self hosted WordPress is a bit annoying sometimes, so I just released a few hours ago my new WordPress plugin :)

TEDTalks Embedder helps you to embed TED Talks videos on your self hosted WordPress simply using same shortcode used for WordPress.com

TEDFirst time you see a TED Talk video embedded in your site, the plugin needs to grab the sharing HTML code for that video from TED.com (note: you need to have CURL or fopen enabled on your hosting). After that first load, the embedding code is stored in one custom field, so no need to grab the code again from TED.com

Since february 2014, the plugin uses now  same oEmbed code than Jetpack plugin. So after so long, TEDTalks Embedder is back to life.

Additionally, now it has settings to allow you to set default values for width, height, and language. These default values will be used only when you omit then in the shortcode.

You can install TEDTalks Embedder from your WordPress dashboard or download it from WordPress.org

By the way, this plugin was specially made for TEDxZaragoza ‘The Future of Happiness’, an independently organized TED event that
was held on November 5, 2011 in Zaragoza (Spain).

If you find useful this plugin, please consider to make a small donation to support it ;)

Post updated on: 08/02/2014

13 pensamientos en “TEDTalks Embedder

  1. Aaron

    Hi Buddy,

    Thanks for the effort. I tried the installation from the dashboard, but it doesn’t work. I went to the plugin folder and found that the installation adds the trunk and tag folder. I have to move up the files in the trunk folder in order to make it work. Hope you can do a fast fix.


    1. Samuel

      Hi Aaron!

      Thank you very much for the information. It’s a weird thing, I can’t figure out how this happens… :-?

      Anyway, I have deleted incorrect folders in the repository and uploaded plugin files again. I hope this will be hopefully refreshed in some minutes.

      EDITED: I did the test and now it’s working ok :)

  2. Greg

    Hello, I’ve installed this on my copy of wordpress and it doesn’t seem to work. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I’ve followed all the instructions to the best of my knowledge. I have curl installed and enabled on my site. Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot this or is there something I’m just missing?

    1. Samuel

      Hi!, what shortcode are you using to insert the TED Talk video?, can you see any “ted_talk_XX” (where XX is the ID of the video) custom field in your post??

      The plugin is very simple, so if you meet the plugin’s requirements (and your host allow to grab content from external sites), and you put the correct shorcode for the TED Talk video, it should work fine.

  3. Greg

    I’m using the shortcode you get from videos on ted.com, IE [ted id=66].

    As for being allowed to grab content from external sites, I’m able to embed youtube videos to my wordpress.

    1. Samuel

      I asked you about custom fields in the post… ??

      By the way, being able to embed Youtube videos has nothing to do with grabbing data from external sites using curl or fopen.

    1. Samuel

      You must see at least one custom field in the post you’re trying to embed the video. Sure!, it can be empty if there’s a problem, but I’m sure you’ll have it (maybe you are hidding custom fields in the edit post page).

      Anyway, I just published TEDTalks Embedder 1.0.2. It seems like TED.com changed a little the page code, so the plugin needs to update for getting the embed code.

  4. Greg

    Alright, I checked the custom field and i have a ted_talk_ 66. When I preview the post the video of the talk is there. It didn’t work before updating the plugin. So maybe it was just ted.com changing code around?

    Regardless, it works now and is awesome. Thanks for making this plugin and thanks for all your help getting it up and running on my site.

  5. Claudiu

    I try to put a video in the format you specified but I always get the same error.
    “Can’t get data from TED.com or embed data is missing”

    Can you please help
    Thank you

    1. Samuel

      @Claudiu: As you can read at the top of readme file…

      NOTE: This plugin will not work anymore due to changes made by TED in their web pages code. Making impossible to grab the necessary code to embed the videos.

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