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Month: September 2016

ERROR for site owner: Stoken disabled in reCAPTCHA field for Gravity Forms

reCAPTCHA Stoken Expired error
reCAPTCHA Stoken Expired error

Since Gravity Forms 2.0 the new “no captcha” reCAPTCHA  API is included in Gravity Forms. This was a highly requested feature and works pretty fine for most users, but sometimes specially if you’re using old reCAPTCHA keys or the reCAPTCHA authentication in Gravity Forms settings was done using previous API version you can get one of the following pretty cryptic message in your reCAPTCHA field:

ERROR for site owner: Stoken disabled or Error for site owner: Stoken expired

Turn off Rocket Loader for Gravity Forms scripts

If you’re using CloudFlare to speed up your site and you’re having issues with Gravity Forms features relaying on javascript such as conditional logic, calculations or multi-file upload you have a lot of chances of having Rocket Loader feature enabled in your CloudFlare account.

According to CloudFlare, Rocket Loader can improve load times for pages that include JavaScript. But Rocket Loader is considered Beta because it’s an experimental feature that modifies the loading and execution flow of Javascript. In fact it’s in beta since years.